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An administrative assistant is an important job in any corporate environment. They are the bridge of information between employees and different departments. An administrative assistant provides support to co-workers and department heads.

What are the Job Duties of an Effective Administrative Assistant?

  • Creating and managing separate calendars for meetings, travel, and personal appointments.
  • Prepare and maintain the security of confidential documents and reports.
  • Answering and redirecting calls, also taking down messages, and following up on inquiries.
  • Responsible for relaying important information to co-workers.
  • Conducts important background operations like purchasing office equipment, inventory, stationary, etc.
  • Communicate and cooperate with building vendors for repair and maintenance purposes.
  • Assist with maintaining budget and spending.
  • Manage company credit card or petty cash.
  • Provide directions and assistance to visitors.
  • Communicate with other admins to set up meetings for high-level associates.

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Hire Administrative Assistants for a Variety of Field

At General Workforce we can find you executive administrative assistants in any field of expertise you want. We have a roaster of trained professionals with experience and skills, just name it and we will fulfill it. From office administrative assistant to medical administrative assistant. Whether you require a full-time workforce or just need a part time administrative assistant to act as support staff.

We do not discriminate even if you are far away, our virtual administrative assistant will be ready for online support and manage the workforce and the workplace according to your needs. With the hectic workload, there’s always a need for administrative staff. General Workforce has made it easier for you to recruit highly trained administrative assistants in industries like accounting, construction, marketing, etc.

What Does an Administrative Assistant Do?

A good administrative assistant entire job is to make the day-to-day functions of an organization run smoothly. They often coordinate with other departments and co-workers to ensure proper communication of information, accomplish deadlines, arrangement of meetings, and replenish office supplies and inventory.

If you recruit an administrative assistant from General Workforce, you can rest assured that your organization is going to work like clockwork.

What you Should Look for in an Administrative Assistant?

While selecting potential candidates for training we look for basic but necessary skills like oral and vocabulary skills. The ability to coordinate with others and be a team player.

While training we teach our candidates to operate essential software like MS Excel, Google Workspace, Outlook, etc.

Our office assistants are also trained in using software particular to their field of work. For example, a medical administrative assistant will be proficient in EHR software.

We provide innovative staffing solution for small to big organizations

Frequently Asked Questions About Administrative Assistants

Q1. What Does an Executive Assistant Do?

Much like a regular admin assistant, an executive administrative assistant maintains viable communication, calendar, and schedules. The only difference is that they do it solely for key executives of an organization.

Q2. What Makes a Good Human Resource Administrative Assistant?

The job of an HR administrative assistant comes down to managing the relationship between employees and the organization. They have to be excellent at managing multiple tasks like maintaining employee information and dealing with the issues faced by workers.

Q3. What are 3 skills required by an admin assistant?

When recruiting a candidate, we look for three important skills in them-

  • Resourcefulness
  • Verbal Communication
  • Ability to Cooperate

These all are skills that no institution can teach you and must be honed with practice and are essential to be an effective worker in any organization.

Q4. What to Look for in a Construction Administrative Assistant?

When selecting the perfect construction administrative assistant for you, we have certain criteria we use. These include an excellent understanding of construction terminology, strong leadership skills, someone who puts the safety of the worker and the project first, and someone with good verbal and oral skills.

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