Best Executive Administrative Assistant for Any Industry

In Search of an Excellent Executive Administrative Assistant?

Well, look no further! Even the high-level executives that run companies cannot handle every single thing by themselves. At General Workforce, we can help you find the best Executive Administrative Assistant to help you coordinate your day-to-day office work.


Responsibilities our Executive Administrative Assistants Take to Heart

  • Taking calls and taking down messages to be passed on later.
  • Planning and setting up significant events.
  • Managing the EFS and other important documents.
  • Receiving visitors and making them feel comfortable.
  • Looking after the basic clerical duties.
  • Arrange meetings with other executives and higher-ups.
  • Managing the daily calendar of the assigned company executives.
  • Maintain the reserve of office supplies & inventory.
  • Supervise the rest of the clerical staff.

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Find Executive Administrative Assistants Best Suited for Your Organization

We at General Workforce believe that every member of your organization is like a cog working in a beautifully coordinated clockwork. That is why, we make sure that you get the most qualified & skilled candidates for the Executive Administrative Assistant position. We handpick our people based on their skills, personality & goals to make sure that they share a vision with you and are best suited to work in your organization. At General Workforce, our motto is to connect the right people with the right jobs.

What Exactly Does an Executive Administrative Assistant Do?

An executive administrative assistant acts as a personal supporting staff for the higher executives in an organization. Unlike most other administrative positions, executive administrative assistants must deal with more stressful & top-tiered problems. First & foremost, they act as a communication bridge between different executives, by sharing information like messages, potential events, and meetings. They are also responsible for supervising other clerical employees in the department and making sure the day-to-day operation of the floor remains efficient & streamlined.

Qualities to Look for in a Good Executive Administrative Assistant

Due to the important nature of the job, a good executive administrative assistant must be an organized and conscientious individual. They should be able to keep a calm demeanor and cool head during stressful times. A typical executive administrative assistant is expected to be exceptionally resourceful & capable of communicating with a vast variety of people effectively. They must also be in line with the organizational goals & values and be capable of operating according to them. On-you-feet thinking and trustworthiness are always expected and appreciated in an individual with such an important role. Lastly, they should also have proficient in technology, at least in using office software. Their job is essentially to make sure that the executives can focus on the important tasks while not having to worry about micromanaging the rest of the departments.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Executive Administrative Assistants

Q1. What skills are required for executive admin?

An executive administrative assistant is a highly specialized and yet diverse job. To clarify, they must focus on working with one individual, i.e. Executives. However, that means that they sort of have to be the Jacks of all Trades. The most important skills for such a position are – Calm & Collective Personality, Excellent Oral & Verbal Skills, Goof Interpersonal Communication Skills, Orderliness, and Trustworthiness.

Q2. What is the difference between an administrative assistant and an executive assistant?

Much like any other admin assistant, an executive administrative assistant is a type of supporting staff that is responsible for handling a lot of small but important day-to-day and background operations. However, the difference between the two is that other admins work with almost everyone in the department. An executive administrative assistant provides support to only executive-level employees.

Q3. What are the benefits of an executive assistant?

Running any department is no small task, as your organization grows, so does the work, both big and small. After a certain point, you cannot look after everything alone & still perform your best in the area of your expertise. That is the biggest advantage of hiring an executive administrative assistant. These support staffs allow your organization to run smoothly without you having to micromanage it, by taking over the administrative tasks. Allowing the executives to focus on the more important and productive duties.

Q4. Is executive assistant a high level?

Yes, due to the specialized and significant nature of the job, an executive administrative assistant is considered a high-level employee. This is an individual who not only needs to be productive and intelligent but also must be very trustworthy.

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