Certified and Experienced Medical Administrative Assistant

Looking for a Qualified Medical Administrative Assistant?

A hospital is a very delicate and tightly run environment. To ensure the proper quality of care, you need excellent coordination and management between departments. A skilled hospital administrative assistant is just what you need for that task.


Responsibilities of a Good Medical Administrative Assistant

  • Take patient histories and interviews.
  • Coordinate with incoming patients & perform due diligence with the paperwork.
  • Make appointments & coordinate with the appropriate departments about them.
  • Make transactional records using hospital software.
  • Coordinate with medical professionals to manage examinations and procedures.
  • Maintain financial records and payable accounts.
  • Deal with bereaved family members regarding the financial formalities of terminal patients.
  • Ensure that the organizations are abiding by legal compliance.

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Get the Best Medical Administrative Assistant Supporting Staff

With the help of General Workforce, you can easily find the best-suited medical administrative assistant for your organization. We have a selection of highly trained and dedicated supporting staff that aligns with the values of your organization. We handpick select professionals with appropriate experience in the medical environment. Train them with the proper skills and values to make sure they become a productive member of your organization.

What Does a Medical Administrative Assistant Do?

A hospital administrative assistant is responsible for a range of duties. They act as the middlemen between patients and medical professionals. A medical administrative assistant guides patients throughout their journey to wellness. They are also responsible for background tasks like appointments, billings, communication between departments, insurance, etc. An administrative supporting staff ensures that the day-to-day functioning of the organization is smooth and solves any issue relating to the quality of services.

Qualities of a Good Medical Administrative Assistant

During the selection procedure, we make sure to screen potential candidates for necessary administrative qualities like good verbal and oral communication. A medical administrative assistant operates in a high-stress environment and thus, should be good at communicating with people. They also must act as a mediator between patients and the medical departments to prevent conflicts. At a hospital there’s always a risk of negative health outcomes, so these professionals must also be able to act with some sympathy and assurance toward patients and their families.

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