Staffing Agency For Scaffold Erect

Staffing Agency For Scaffold Erect

With General Workforce Inc, no job is too big or small for us to handle. Scaffold builders have a “safety first” attitude with solid mechanical skills. We have candidates who possess the following skills:

  • Scaffolding experience - with proper techniques for erecting and dismantling scaffolding.
  • Basic arithmetic – candidates must be able to do math calculations to determine safe weight loads and interpret blueprints
  • Parts inspection and assessment – they must have the ability to inspect scaffold components and recognize damaged or defective parts. They must also be able to perform hands-on scaffold and rig assessments to ensure worker safety
  • Familiarity with crane operations - with knowledge hand signals and man lifts, forklifts, and company trucks
  • Physical fitness – scaffold builders work in extreme weather conditions, stand or walk for long periods of time, and climb, stoop, bend, crouch, and crawl in restricted spaces
  • Communication skills - a positive attitude that mobilizes ethical working relationships with coworkers, agencies, clients, and crew members
  • Organization skills – they must be detail oriented and follow instructions carefully to prevent potentially dangerous conditions

Benefits of Hiring a Scaffold Builder

Scaffolding is considered essential in the constructing field. They erect temporary structures for the permanent structure to be completed. Scaffolds are used in a variety of industries such as construction, entertainment, shipbuilding, mining, utilities, drilling, and more. Scaffold builders assemble and dismantle scaffolding structures allowing other construction workers to access portions of a building to complete their specific job. They also take corrective action to prevent job hazards keeping their team safe from injury.

How Our Scaffold Builder Staffing Specialists Can Help

All construction projects use scaffolding to help in building, repairing, or maintaining an edifice. It is a temporary structure used by the construction crews for different purposes, like reaching high places. It can also help workers bring materials to the upper floors without the use of a pulley or crane. When our recruiter screen for professionals in this field they screen for specific attributes. We screen for candidate that are hardworking, flexible and has an eye for detail. They must be able to securely attach scaffolds, assemble piping systems, interpret blueprints and work orders, coordinate transport of heavy materials and complete visual equipment inspections.

Why Choose General Workforce?

The main objective of our team at General Workforce is to increase the efficiency of your business or project with ease. We ensure we provide workers that are fully trained and certified to deliver the necessary skills and expertise required to help your business handle any project. Our team is highly experienced and aware of the resources that are needed to help increase the productivity and meet deadlines. General Workforce provides qualified labors that is pre-screened to ensure only the best is offered to your company. Our rates are known to be better than most competition while still being far superior in every aspect.

Reach out to one of our Welders staffing experts by calling us at (718) 674-6829 or sending us an email today.

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