At General Workforce, our main objective is to help employers determine if a candidate will be a right fit for a particular job opening in their company. We possess extensive industry market knowledge to help employers find applicants who meet the salary range that they are willing to offer. By making use of our recruitment consulting service, employers will learn about the local market trends so as to stay up to date on what they can expect from potential hires. Through referrals, networking, and interviewing, employers can leave the entire recruitment process to our team of professional recruiters to help them cut down on time and resources.

Understanding Consulting

At General Workforce, we believe that the right job can transform a person’s life and in turn transform the future of a business. Through professional consultation, we can understand the portfolio of a company to help them source for the most ideal candidates for various roles. Through this, we are able to attract suitable talents through extensive advertising campaigns across major recruitment portals available throughout the city. Our team also manages careful screening and extensive interviewing of suitable candidates to ensure your company only meets with the perfect fit. To expand our network, our specialists also conduct and attend promotional and networking events that let us increase our talent pool.

Benefits of Consulting Service

Professional consultations are critical to help employers relay their exact expectations which will enable us to connect them with the most qualified applicants. Our team is also able to take the opportunity to provide useful industry insights including the local employment market trends so our clients are able to know what to expect. Our professional consultants work in your favor, drawing upon our specialist knowledge to provide a comprehensive consultation to your company. We will meet the specific requirements of your organization in terms of candidate skills and qualifications to ensure there is a mutual fit between you and your new hire.

How Our Staffing Specialists Can Help with Consulting

Through professional consultation, we can attract candidates for specific roles that are currently facing staffing shortages in your organization. We can find the right fit according to the specific criteria that you require such as the hire duration, salary levels, and training requirements. We will consolidate all these factors and provide full support throughout the entire recruitment process so you can save time and resources on hiring.

Why Choose General Workforce?

General Workforce has a vast network of candidates from different fields to match employers with the perfect fit. Our team is highly experienced in the recruitment process to provide employers with industry insights and advice to lead them in the right direction in finding a competent worker. We also help employers to handle onboarding and payroll for temporary hires including all the tedious paperwork to ensure the recruitment process goes on smoothly. We also have a talent pool of specialists who are capable of handling roles that require certain expertise to ensure a certain project can be delivered according to expectations.

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