General Workforce offers efficient staffing solutions that help businesses find the right employees to fill vacant positions in their firms. We screen and interview applicants through stringent techniques to ensure employers get connected only with individuals who are truly qualified for the position that they are applying for.

Understanding the Food Industry

Current market trends show that the average employment for staff within the food industry lasts less than 2 months for general employees and slightly over 4 months for managers. This means that establishments are required to find new hires within a short turnaround period. This requires a lot of work as it takes nearly a month to replace an employee and the full recruitment process includes posting job advertisements, interviewing candidates, and training new hires. The recruitment process for various roles across the food industry involves a series of steps that are time-consuming. With professional staffing solutions from General Workforce, employers can look forward to handling their staffing shortage more efficiently to ensure their operations can be well maintained.

Benefits of Hiring Food Industry Staff

Hiring qualified food industry staff can help your establishment avoid customer complaints to maintain a good reputation. Employers can leave the whole recruitment process to us to lift the burden off of their human resource team. We will begin by first understanding the exact requirements that you are looking for in an employee in terms of their skill sets, experience, salary expectations, location, and more. After a full understanding, we will put up job advertisements on various employment portals across the city to attract potential candidates. We will then proceed with narrowing down the list of applicants before we screen them through the first round of interviews. This is followed by a second round of interviews for shortlisted candidates who we believe have the potential that you are looking for. We will then arrange for an official appointment between you and the candidates for a thorough assessment by your department heads.

How Our Food Industry Staffing Specialists Can Help

Our staffing specialists can follow up with the recruitment process by developing a statement of work to reflect the job requirements that you expect your new hire to fulfill. We will develop the criteria in a professional format that provides clarity to the new hire and avoid confusion on what is to be expected of them in terms of job performance. The statement of work will also include the salary range, working hours, employment duration, and location that the new hire can review before agreeing to. It is also crucial for you to consult with our professional recruiters to better explain in detail what you expect of a new hire. Our team will advise you on the most suitable talent acquisition methods that are ideal for the job openings in your company. We will then attract, find, and hire the talent according to the specifications that have been given.

Why Choose General Workforce?

General Workforce is made up of experienced and certified recruitment consultants who are ready to tackle any assignment regardless of its scale. We have the necessary tools and resources to help you find the right talent that can contribute to the development of your company.

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