General Workforce specializes in providing businesses with valuable resources that are necessary to help them manage their workforce. We offer staffing solutions for various industries including warehousing, logistics, and more. If you are looking for the best labor for your logistics firm, our certified recruiters here at General Workforce are ready to deliver regardless of how big or small the recruitment job is.

Understanding the Logistics Industry

Online shopping is exploding and this means that the logistics industry is booming with business. If you are running a logistics firm and need manpower to help keep your operations running smoothly, we have the right applicants who can deliver optimum results. Regardless of your company’s expectations, we have talented applicants with varying levels of experience that can span from just a few years to more than 20 years. By working with our recruiters from General Workforce, you can fill your vacant positions with real talents that are eager to work and contribute towards the success of your establishment.

Benefits of Hiring Logistics Industry Staff

The logistics industry is a broad sector that employs people from different backgrounds with various specialties. To support your operations, it is important that you recruit experienced logistics staff. We can help your logistics firm to screen and interview applicants for the wide array of roles that your firm needs. Our talent pool is comprised of experienced and commodity managers, demand planners, logistics analysts, operations managers warehouse supervisors, and general workers. Depending on the types of job opportunities that your firm is offering, we will shortlist suitable applicants to present to you a comprehensive list of carefully selected individuals with the right skill sets to get the job done according to standards.

How Our Logistics Industry Staffing Specialists Can Help

For every new hire, it is essential to issue a statement of work. The main purpose of drawing up a statement of work for a new hire is to provide clarity and avoid conflicts between them and your company. We will also document the specific job scope that the new hire is expected to fulfill and perform their job up to expectations. Our team has the necessary resources including professional templates to help you develop a thorough statement of work that keeps you and the new hire on the same page. Prior to helping you find and attract potential employees, our recruiters need to first understand the exact job scope of each of the roles that you are looking to fill. We will first consult with your department heads to get a clearer outlook on their expectations before moving forward with the placement of job ads on the different employment portals.

Why Choose General Workforce?

By working with General Workforce, you can rest assured that the new hires you will be employing will possess the necessary skills and expertise that are an asset to your company. Our talent pool is extensive to help you find the right fit that can contribute to the growth of your business. We make use of thorough screening before we shortlist several candidates for your department heads to make the final selection to save you time and resources.

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