General Workforce acts as a middleman between your company and potential hires, assisting to match you with qualified candidates to fill up vacant positions within your organization. Through our expertise, you can expect to build a stronger workforce that comprises qualified hires with specific industry skills that are relevant to the nature of your business.

Understanding Recruitment Process

We have a recruitment team made up of professional staff with years of industry expertise. We help your company find, screen and attract applicants for job openings. Our team takes care of all the talent acquisition processes from the start until the end so as to help ease the workload of your own human resource department. We manage advertising for your company’s job openings, review applicant resumes, interview candidates, and collaborate with your different department heads to help them find the right fit.

Benefits of Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process helps you to match with ideal candidates within a shorter time span as we have access to a comprehensive talent pool comprising applicants who possess various specialties. We also utilize expansive systems that enable us to locate keen workers who are qualified to fill in challenging positions where you are facing a staffing shortage for an extended period of time. All of the potential hires that we recommend are highly proficient in their field of expertise and you will only be meeting applicants who have already been carefully assessed and interviewed. Our recruiters deal with candidates on a daily basis so we are highly skilled in interviewing which enables us to understand our candidates’ needs to help us facilitate an ideal match.

How Our Recruitment Process Staffing Specialists Can Help

Through our recruitment process, your department heads will be working closely with our professional recruiters. This enables our team to have an extensive understanding of the specific hiring needs of each department and what the open position expects to achieve in terms of employee skills and qualifications. Through this knowledge, we are able to provide your management with valuable insight so you know exactly what to expect from the candidates in terms of the salary range, career expectations, skill sets, and more.

Why Choose General Workforce?

General Workforce is made up of a team of professional recruiters who have been working with a vast talent pool of applicants. We have comprehensive connections of candidates who are actively looking for a job and can start almost immediately to help you better manage your staffing shortage. We have the knowledge regarding current market trends so as to help you better understand what to expect. Our team is skilled in creating compelling job ads to attract the right talents to fill in your company’s job openings. We will then make use of extensive techniques to screen candidates so you will only meet top talents who will have a positive impact on your company.

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