General Workforce has the right resources that help us to bring together job applicants and hiring companies for the purpose of establishing an employment relationship over a temporary or permanent basis. Our recruitment consultants are highly experienced and certified to deliver exceptional service that is in favor of potential employers.

Understanding the Restoration Industry

General Workforce has extensive experience in helping businesses deal with restoration projects. We understand that timing is essential for every restoration project as it involves water damage, natural disasters, fires, and others. This means that time is restricted as finding completed individuals to get the job done needs to be completed as quickly and easily as possible. Through the professional staffing solutions that we offer at General Workforce, employers can expect to work with skilled individuals with experience in restoration to ensure safety is maintained while delivering optimum results.

Benefits of Hiring Restoration Industry Staff

Restoration requires skills and expertise as well as proper licensing which are all critical factors that ensure each project is completed according to requirements. Hence, you need to ensure you only hire truly qualified restoration specialists to get each project completed according to proper guidelines. General Workforce has a network of talented and dedicated individuals who are actively seeking a job as well as passive talent who are just as experienced but may not be immediately available for an open position. Depending on your company expectations, we can help you find the right candidate who can agree to the terms that you have stated for a particular job opening. This is done through extensive screening and interviewing to ensure the candidates possess the necessary skills and licenses to do the job.

How Our Restoration Industry Staffing Specialists Can Help

Through our industry expertise, we are able to draw up a statement of work for your new hires. The statement of work will document the specific requirements of a restoration project and define the different activities that are specific to the project. It will also include the deliverables and timelines that the new hire will need to adhere to in order to deliver results according to schedule. We are also able to document other important variables like the detailed pricing or salary of the new hire along with standard regulatory and governance terms and conditions. Prior to recruiting any new hires, it is important to consult with our professional recruiters. We specialize in finding experienced restoration specialists who have a background in emergency restoration projects or mitigation jobs. We need to understand your exact expectations so as to match you with the right individual that can deliver the objective of a restoration project. We are also able to connect you with project managers, sales personnel, and marketing specialists to handle different aspects of your restoration company.

Why Choose General Workforce?

General Workforce is made up of skilled and qualified recruitment consultants who are ready to tackle any assignment regardless of its scale. We have the necessary tools and resources to help you find the right talent that can contribute to the development of your company.

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