If you are in need of manpower for your retail business, General Workforce has just the right team to match you with the most suitable candidates. Our team of recruiters is professional and certified to deliver exceptional service regardless of your expectations. We have the necessary resources to help you organize your retail establishment to increase productivity.

Understanding the Retail Industry

The retail industry offers a dynamic environment that sees staff interacting with customers on a daily basis. For every retail establishment, it is important to get hold of staff who is service-oriented and is comfortable dealing with face-to-face interactions. This arrangement will enable the establishment to maintain a good reputation in delivering optimum comfort to customers in terms of service satisfaction. If you need manpower for your retail establishment, we have the right resources to connect you with experienced candidates who are hardworking and ready to serve customers.

Benefits of Hiring Retail Industry Staff

Retail industry staff plays a critical role in developing the foundation of every retail business. To help you match with qualified applicants, engage our professional staffing solutions. Recruitment is a core function that enables employers to hire qualified individuals to serve different roles. At General Workforce, our certified recruiters are experienced in performing the following recruitment steps:

  • Identifying potential candidates
  • Attracting applicants through job advertising and marketing
  • Screening of applicants
  • Shortlisting of applicants
  • Interviewing of applicants
  • Selecting shortlisted candidates with the support of our clients
  • Hiring new employees in accordance with client’s agreement
  • Onboarding employees

Our team can vary in size depending on the number of retail staff that your company needs. We can also assign a dedicated recruiting manager to handle various job openings simultaneously.

How Our Retail Industry Staffing Specialists Can Help

Upon hiring a new employee, our team will develop a statement of work that documents the job specifications and what is to be expected. This will ensure that there is apparent clarity on the job scope that the new hire will be undertaking to avoid confusion or miscommunication. The statement of work will also serve as an agreement between the employee and the company to record important variables like employee salary, duration of the agreement, employee expectations, and working hours. To allow our recruiters to better understand the staffing shortage that your company is facing, we need to have a consultation with your department heads. We need to know exactly what are the roles that are currently in need of manpower. Our recruiters will also provide industry insights and advice regarding the latest employment market trends so you can know what to expect in terms of the remuneration package, skill sets, qualification levels, and more. This set of information will help us to find the most suitable candidates for you to shortlist according to your company’s staffing needs.

Why Choose General Workforce?

At General Workforce, we are able to find suitable candidates to fill the vacant positions of your company. With qualified staffing, you can ensure you have the right manpower to handle your operations efficiently to support daily service. Our talent pool is made up of hardworking applicants who are ready to help your business to grow.

Reach out to one of our retail industry staffing experts by calling us at (718) 674-6829 or sending us an email today.

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