General Workforce has an extensive network comprising dedicated talents who are hardworking and ready to take on a job. Our staffing solutions help your company to save time by handling every recruitment process on your behalf including resume screening, candidate profiling, and drawing of contracts.

Understanding Staffing Solutions

There are plenty of different aspects of staffing solutions that we provide to meet your organization’s needs. We can source and recruit workers for short assignments and full-time hires depending on the staffing shortage that you are facing. We connect your firm with job seekers to facilitate a smooth process of establishing an employment relationship. Our team has our own talent pool whom we will assign individually depending on the nature of your business.

Benefits of Hiring Staffing Solutions

The main benefit of engaging our staffing solutions is to ease the workload of your human resource department. We will perform the tedious processes of reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews and more so your human resource department can focus solely on making the final decision. Our team is also able to screen candidates according to the duration that they are willing to commit to ensure your project requirements are duly met. This will help to reduce overtime pay when you hire temporary workers as opposed to putting additional demands on your current permanent staff. Your permanent staff can work in a more conducive environment without burning out due to excessive overtime. Our team is also able to source for workers who are already fully trained to help you save on time and resources to train them from scratch.

How Our Staffing Solutions Specialists Can Help

The main objective of our agency is to provide your establishment with the best workforce that can add value to your business. We have access to ready talents from different backgrounds with vast specialties to meet the exact skills and expertise that you are looking for. Through our staffing solutions, you can expect your day-to-day operations to be handled by experienced personnel who are competent in meeting deadlines and delivering exceptional service quality. By engaging our staffing solutions, your business will gain a competitive edge as you get to build a stronger and reliable team that lets you achieve customer satisfaction.

Why Choose General Workforce?

General Workforce knows exactly what it takes to help maximize your business revenue and productivity. Our talent pool is comprised of qualified workers who we will pre-screen and train to tackle specific jobs that are relevant to your organization. We will coordinate with your management to understand your exact staffing requirements so as to help us source for workers from the right direction. Our contacts and connections are extensive to ensure that you get to create the most hardworking workforce that will help to build your business. At General Workforce, you will be given access to industry insights such as salary ranges, skills and expertise, and more to give you an idea of what to expect of potential hires.

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