General Workforce is the best resource for qualified professionals in New York City. We are proud to serve the community to help employers source for skilled hires with extensive experience in a specific industry. By matching companies with competent applicants, they get to increase efficiency, lower costs, and promote the overall success of their company. Through our years of recruitment expertise, organizations will be working with the superior choice regardless of the nature of their business. We get to help them streamline the whole hiring process so as to ease the workload of their human resource department.

Understanding Statement of Work

A statement of work is a document that is comprised of a description that gives the specifications and requirements of a specific project. It defines the type of work being offered, project deliverables, work location, timelines, and the terms and conditions of payment. This contractual document consists of comprehensive details pertaining to a certain project and requires careful expertise to prevent erroneous data that can complicate the execution of the project which may cause confusion and misunderstanding.

Benefits of Having Statement of Work

By implementing a statement of work, employers get to prevent conflicts with their new hires. A statement of work provides extensive detail and clarity which helps to keep confusion to a minimum by keeping everyone that is involved in a certain project on the same page. Our team at General Workforce has the necessary resources to help employers draw up detailed statements of work through the use of the latest management software. We will work closely with each department head to understand the exact specifications of a particular open position to carefully pen down the requirements for the new hire’s understanding.

How Our Staffing Specialists Can Help with Statement of Work

Through the expertise of our staffing specialists, employers can relay important data to new hires in a professional setting. We can help to develop comprehensive statements of work that include various aspects of a specific project including work requirements and performance expectations. Through the use of a statement of work, employers can manage and document their expectations of the new hire so as to accomplish their business goal. The deliverables will be stated in a clear manner to give assurance to the employer on what they can expect the hire to deliver in terms of work performance.

Why Choose General Workforce?

General Workforce has a vast network of talented and dedicated individuals who are passionate and hardworking. The talents that we have are qualified and skilled in various specialties to help you match with the most ideal applicant within a short timeframe. Our recruiters are highly experienced to help answer any questions that you may have regarding the current employment market. Our team strives to deliver outstanding services that will help you maintain a credible reputation of your company by hiring competent workers who meet the requirements of your organization.

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