Skilled Welders Staffing & Recruiting Solutions

General Workforce is a trusted company that has always given first-rate assistance to clients’ projects, no matter the scope. If you find yourself in a pickle when it comes to hiring welders for your new project, we gladly extend our hand to help you with your staffing issues. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on the industrial repair or you’re in the shipbuilding industry. We can provide you with the most experienced welders that will help you get the job done.

Understanding Welders

General Workforce aims to hire the most skillful welders to be a part of our team. However, whenever we see the potential from an applicant, we also take note of them and train them to be the most reliable in the industry. To understand more about how we choose our staff, here is the list of roles and responsibilities they should possess:

  • Mathematical Skills
    Welders need to calculate metal parts to be welded so they should be knowledgeable with computations to be able to calculate with accuracy.
  • Good Hand-Eye Coordination and Steady Hands
    High quality outcome in welding relies, for the most part, on having steady hands and good hand-eye coordination. Truth is, when someone trains to be a welder, this takes the longest time to master.
  • Physical Strength and Endurance
    Depending on the schedule of a project, you may want welders to work overtime. This is why, here at our company, we always look for someone who can endure long work hours.
  • Attention to Detail
    A skilled welder will always scrutinize the smallest of details. They need to be accurate not just in producing high-quality results, but also in taking care of their equipment and abiding by safety measures at work.

Other skills that welders should have are the ability to study and interpret engineering sketches, drawings, and blueprints and choosing the right welding method that would provide the best output.

Benefits of Hiring Welders

Welding is never a DIY project. Unlike some other minor construction work, which can be done by a regular person, welding would always require a professional. We cannot reiterate more that welders have been trained to get the job done and get there by exemplifying the skills they have attained from years of experience and training. By hiring one, you are assured of lasting and durable results or repair. Most importantly, you get to have peace of mind because you’ll know that your project will endure the test of time.

How Our Welder Staffing Specialists Can Help

We, at General Workforce, are composed of different teams which include a group of welder staffing specialists. Our team is highly qualified in human resources management and is constantly trained to scout and hire welders, who can get the welding job done while upholding the top standard in the industry. Depending on your specific needs, as our client, our staffing specialists are able to match you with welders, who would fit your requirements. But our work doesn’t end there, either. Our lines are always open if you encounter any issues up until your project is done.

Why Choose General Workforce?

General Workforce has been established with the main objective of prioritizing client satisfaction above others. As already previously mentioned, we see to it to stuff our pool of employees with only the best in the industry. In addition, as long as we see potential in newbie welders, we train them extensively so they could become a part of our growing family of professionals.

If you think that hiring us for your staffing needs would dent your expenses, we are also happy to inform you that we value your money. We provide you with qualified welders at competitive costs. Reach out to one of our welder staffing experts by calling us at (718) 674-6829 or sending us an email today.