General Workforce Provides Highly Skilled Workers For Warehousing, Distribution Centers, Construction, Technical, Retail, Restaurants and More!

We pay your employees,
we handle workers’ compensation,
(your company will be immune from any Workman's Comp
Lawsuits, Guaranteed !
) payroll taxes, health insurance, liability insurance ,
paid sick leave,
saving you up to 35% per employee paycheck VS a direct hire, and we are the ONLY skilled staffing agency that provides "Round-Trip" Transportation and "In Transit" OSHA safety training for every employee while traveling "to and from" your worksite(s) ...FREE!

No more payroll headaches, no more worries about million dollar Workman's Comp lawsuits, no more workers arriving late ! Whether it’s temporary or permanent, non-union, or an emergency, our company sends you one billing invoice per week. We Do It All For You!

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The General Workforce Advantage

Imagine Being Able To Increase Employee Productivity , Corporate Profits, and Employee "Take Home" Pay Without Increasing your
Payroll Budget!

Sound Impossible?
It's not... here is how it works.

General Workforce is the only N.Y.S. MBE certified recruitment and skilled employment staffing agency in America that maintains a fleet of employee shuttle vans, providing included "Home to Workplace" Round-Trip transportation for EVERY fully trained employee*, setting General Workforce apart from all other staffing agencies.


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Benefits for Employers

  • Workers always arrive on time, no more production delays caused by a project critical employee who had a flat tire or missed a subway train. Resulting in the loss of 1/2 of a days work causing an expensive delay on a time critical project. 
  • More Productivity - Workers are more relaxed and happier not having to fight traffic every morning and afternoon . Studies have shown that happy workers are 24% more productive.  Increases in Productivity result in increases in company Revenues and Profits ! 
  • Unscheduled absences from work can be related to the effects of commuting, and cost employers nearly $2,700 per worker each year!
  • General Workforce employees earn MORE than NON General Workforce employees without the need for the Employer to increase their wages one dime!


    Workers who drive or take public transportation to and from work have to pay ALL their transportation expenses out of pocket. With today's inflation and record breaking increases in fuel costs, workers are forced to pay more and more just to commute back and forth to work , not including the costs of maintenance and insurance of automobiles.

    It is estimated that the savings provided by the General Workforce "Roundtrip Home to Workplace" program equates to a real world 15% wage increase.

Benefits for Employees

Workers can now turn a daily commute into productive time that would otherwise be completely wasted and often very stressful . Here are some examples :

  • Workers are no longer stressed out, having to fight rush hour traffic twice a day.
  • Workers can check their mobile phones while in transit for email updates on projects they are working on.
  • Workers can use their smartphones and Google to research various topics related to a Project they are currently working on.
  • Workers can safely make cell phone calls to friends and family during the commute or stay in touch with
    co-workers to discuss the day's top work priorities
  • Many workers today rely on public transportation ( Buses, Trains , Subways ) they have to leave home early in order to make it to the subway , bus or train pickup point on-time. Often the trains run late.

    Many General Workforce employees report that prior to joining the General Workforce team it would not be unusual for the process described above to take 2 hours or more out of their day.

    Two hours where they are not earning any money and most importantly , 2 hours of lost productivity each day times 5 days a week equals 20 hours per week of down time.

* Round Trip Employee Transportation Is Available At No Extra Cost For All Companies With 10 Or More General Workforce Staffed Employees

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General Workforce Key Insights

Key Insights

  • The opportunity cost of commuting is roughly $6,449 for the average American when you factor in fuel, maintenance, and time
  • The average American spends $1,249 (2% of their income) on fuel and maintenance to commute to and from work each year
  • Over the course of a year, the average commuter spends over 200 hours getting to and from work, and the opportunity cost of that lost time is roughly $5,200
  • Commuting costs Americans over $16 billion annually in time, fuel, and maintenance
  • Americans spend 489 million hours driving 14.5 billion miles to and from work each year
  • The cost of commuting disproportionately affects low-income workers. People with lower incomes drive farther to work and spend more out of pocket.
  • People with long commutes are more stressed, more depressed, and less productive than those who don’t commute as long
  • Our analyses of U.S. Department of Transportation and County Health Rankings revealed that longer and farther commutes were linked to worse health outcomes
  • Unscheduled absences from work can be related to the effects of commuting, and cost employers nearly $2,700 per worker each year

* Round Trip Employee Transportation Is Available At No Extra Cost For All Companies With 10 Or More General Workforce Staffed Employees

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