Legal Administrative Assistant

Find a Highly Skilled Legal Administrative Assistant

Choose from a selection of highly skilled Legal Administrative Assistants to help your firm run smoothly. At General Workforce we value quality and responsibility above all else. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us at General Workforce and pick the best legal support staff for your organization.

Legal Administrative Assistant Job Duties

An administrative assistant is essential for any organization to operate without hitches. But in the case of law firms and legal entities, this position becomes so much more important. A legal administrative assistant must:

  • First and foremost be capable of conducting legal research & analysis without any errors.
  • Be capable of understanding the rulings and legal language in documents.
  • Maintain records of sensitive legal documents daily.
  • Carefully proofread and compile legal drafts.
  • Conduct independent research & obtain useful data from other agencies.
  • Maintain reference tools & relevant information that is easily accessible by staff.
  • Format and manage reports, both legal & management kinds.
  • Prepare & deliver responses to case-related queries.
  • Provide effective administrative support.

Choose General Workforce to Find a Skilled Legal Administrative Assistant

When looking for competent and responsible support staff to fill the role of a legal administrative assistant, you need not look any further than General Workforce. We have candidates suitable for both remote legal administrative jobs & in-office positions. Whether you’re looking for someone to help at the ground level, or an executive legal administrative assistant to help coordinate with the executive level employees. At General Workforce, we have the answer to all your needs.

Our selection pool is filled with highly skilled support staff that are specialists in the art of dedication and resourcefulness. Our executive legal administrative assistants are trained to work under stressful situations and be extremely adaptive to any situation.

What Does a Legal Administrative Assistant Do?

A legal administrative assistant is responsible for making sure that any department in a law firm or a legal department runs smoothly and efficiently. Their job comprises of making sure that all the background administerial tasks are completed on time & without any error. A legal administrative assistant acts act a communication line between employees, clients & different departments.

There is also a more specialized type of legal admin, known as the executive legal administrative assistant. These individuals do much the same jobs as other admins, except they work directly for executive-level employees. Meaning that they must deal with matters of much more importance and at much higher stakes. An executive legal administrative assistant must be quick on their feet, resourceful, and capable of excellent communication with others, be they, clients or other executives.

Necessary Qualities of an Excellent Legal Administrative Assistant

Similar to other kinds of admins, legal administrative assistants must be good at communication, both written and interpersonal. Be orderly and capable of multi-tasking, but they also need to be able to have certain additional skills, like:

  • Good understanding of legal jargon and language.
  • The ability to keep a cool mind during stressful situations
  • They must also be extremely resourceful and capable of getting the job done
  • Must be willing to work extra hours as is needed in a law firm
  • Be able to work alongside other executives & maintain an effective line of communication