General Workforce specializes in manpower staffing for our clients in the New York Tri-state area. For years now, our company has assisted countless clients who find it challenging to find competent scaffold erect laborers for their construction projects.

Understanding Scaffold Erect

Scaffolding has been a staple in construction, especially in high-rise buildings. This is extremely important because it serves as a support for the work crew, who work at a certain height on a project site. This also supports materials that are used by these laborers. In this respect, scaffold erectors are employed to construct and dismantle these scaffolding. To be a scaffolder, the following skills are needed:

  • Ability to plan and configure scaffolding
  • Competence and efficiency in erecting different scaffolding types
  • Can establish safety measures and ensure compliance to labor codes
  • Can contribute to the smooth flow of work

Benefits of Hiring Scaffold Erect Workers

Constructing and dealing with scaffolding should be treated with utmost caution. This is because it will be used by other workers who are a part of the construction project. If the structure isn’t sturdy, accident at the workplace is a huge possibility. For this reason alone, a scaffolder must be employed every single time to construct the scaffolding.

Scaffold erectors are experts, so, you are assured that they are able to construct the safest and sturdiest temporary scaffolding. Some may argue that buying a system is much wiser, but by hiring professionals, they can tailor-fit the scaffolding based on the scale of the project. Also, as opposed to purchasing, hiring experts is an assurance that the scaffolding is made with the highest materials making it more durable.

How Our Scaffold Erect Worker Staffing Specialists Can Help

At General Workforce, we believe in employing human resources management specialists that have a keen eye for expanding our manpower lists with the most qualified individuals for the job. This includes hiring scaffolders, who would fit the needs and satisfy our clients. Our experts are always on the lookout for the most skilled laborers to add to our list of professionals. They meticulously sift through applicants so that only the best and the most trustworthy can be hired for your project needs. We can also assure you that our HR experts will see through the project with you until its completion.

Why Choose General Workforce?

General Workforce, since established, strives to be the best staffing company in the tri-state area. By best, we mean putting our client’s satisfaction at the forefront of our mission. We do so by making sure that our specialists are professionals, always on time, and performs at a hundred percent efficiency.

We also go the extra mile of searching for applicants with potential and who we can train to be qualified scaffolders in the future. General Workforce values your money so we ensure that you get the experienced laborers to work on your project at competitive costs. Reach out to one of our scaffold erect worker staffing experts by calling us at (718) 674-6829 or sending us an email today.

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